The brain is the basis of everything, and though it may seem obvious we need to take it into account. Behind every attendee there is a brain that is unique and at the same time it shares certain characteristics with its pairs, and the right stimulation is the key for the success.
In E-lixir we are well aware of this, so we have summarised 5 brain rules that molecular biologist John Medina talks about in his book “Brain Rules”.

1. Brain processes the meaning before the details:
sometimes we do not think about the meaning of what we say and we go straight to the detail. Getting to the point, audience loses the perspective of the speech, thus they get bored. It is key to make it easier for the attendees to get the message we want to deliver.

2.You have 30 seconds before the audience decide whether to pay attention or not:
in those 30 seconds you have to address the former rule –meaning before detail- and make it happen creating expectation. After attending many similar meetings, attendees’ brain tends automatically to be bored if presented to the same meeting format. It is the moment to let your audience know that our talk will be different.

3. Repetition and memory go together:
to make sure they take away the message we want to deliver, we have to repeat, repeat, repeat. The ideas the attendees will take home are the ones not only we deliver clear and concise, but the ones we have repeated enough to be absorbed.

4. A stressed brain does not learn the same way as a non-stressed brain:
no matter the degree of stress each of the attendees brings to the event, we have to try to make the event an stress-free environment. Coffee breaks, appropriate catering, fast Wifi network, screens and adequate lightning are aspects not to be improvised. You must take care of your audience.

5.Vision prevails the rest of the senses:
using graphic support materials will make easier to engage with the audience. If we use interactive tools, it is the cherry on top of the cake.


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