Do you know what feelings or emotions to appeal from your audience to make your events stand out? Here’s five key elements worth considering if you want impressive performances.

1. Frustration: believe it or not, a little bit of frustration can help our events to stand out. When it comes to event delivering, most people keep focused in delivering spotless and seamless experiences, yet minor setbacks can turn an static and rigid audience into a participative and engaged one.

Think about queueing, while in most of events queuing to register can be a pain in the neck, in certain events can add a little bit of excitement to the experience (i.e. a rock concert or a live performance).

Visualize an event with the attendees queueing to get the tablet device they are going to need for it, it´s all about the expectation of the use they will make of it. And the final outcome when the App becomes an useful tool and key to connect with the audience and get them engaged.

2. Fun: usually corporate meetings or conferences are planned as a very serious business, but the truth is that no matter what kind of event are we dealing with, fun is the most certain way to make a moment unforgettable. We use to think of those moments as random or as a result of improvisation, but as events professionals it’s our duty to make those happen. That does not necessarily mean to plan the jokes, but to allow the speakers to deliver the message in a more relaxed and entertaining way. Or hiring a charismatic figure to act as chairman to get the audience engaged.

3.The element of surprise: even in the more formal or scientific meetings is convenient to have little surprises to unveil come the right moment. Surprises are a great ally to social media buzz, as people tend to get their phones and start sharing something they found amusing or interesting. The key is to get the audience involved. How about not telling them that they will use the tablets to vote or input their opinion?

4.Suspense: Steve Jobs and Apple mastered the art of having an entire legion of fans looking forward for the release of new products and every event is full of enthusiasts of the Cupertino guys universe cheering. To achieve a level of awareness so the audience is expecting your next event you need a few key elements such as:

a. Use a well-known meeting format and refine it to perfect it.

b. Build a bond with the audience.

c. Analyze in depth the satisfaction of the attendees after the events.

d. Cultivate the perception that our events are unique and exclusive.

5. Spontaneity: this is the easiest one to achieve, and we do that by interacting with the audience, facilitating them to participate. We leave the door open to the unexpected, since we don’t know what the attendees are going to say, and we keep the audience engaged and awake.


Think global and let’s expand!


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