Angelini, an App to enhance a live streaming experience

April 9th saw the first of Angelini’s two dates on Visual Health, with both events counting on live feed streaming to broadcast to 13 different cities in Spain.

E-lixir developed a web App so all invited members could take part in the event using a communication channel. The app was the perfect tool to send questions to the speakers, see their replies and create a discussion, as well as a space to consolidate feedback from the ophthalmologists. The virtual attendees could also consult the conference agenda and the speaker’s biographies.

Attendees simply needed a smartphone, tablet device, or PC connected to a wi-fi network to remotely attend the sessions. Without a doubt, this is an example of a quick, easy and cost-efficient way to reach a higher number of attendees, saving time and the hassle of travelling. Superb stuff!

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