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Customer Case: APP for Roche National Workshop II

Build a community with your event

One global use of App – before, during and after the event. An engagement tool for the event; attendees feel comfortable using right from the start. We create cohesion, improve the experience and gather feedback from your audience.

Encourage participation during the event with this system by sending questions to the speaker and interactive voting during clinical cases

Speaker biographies, exhibition maps, how to get to the event…

Notifications to generate interest among attendees and recall information of interest

Findings are uploaded after the meeting to maintain the aim of the event and ensure understanding of key messages.

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Before the event, attendees provide all their information and we ask for their feedback to help organise the program. During the event, we encourage participation and attention, and after the event we attach the clinical cases and the conclusions drawn.

This is how E-Lixir Mobile works…

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