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Your participants, the stars of the show!

[/custom_headline][text_output]Energy, enthusiasm and participation are essential to the success of any conference and digital tools can help to achieve the very best results!

Discover what our apps can offer and how to work with them for maximum results. Useful functions include participant registration, event programme, biographies of presenters, live voting and Q&A sessions, networking chat and anything else you might need! We create a digital identity for your event whilst gathering valuable data and feedback through user satisfaction surveys and analysis.

The design of your platform is 100% adapted to the branding of your company and the event, with absolutely no templates and restrictions. And last minute changes and modifications are no problem at all. There’s also no need to worry about printing costs and if the people in the back row can see clearly, as everyone can access the documents they need from their own smartphones, tablets or laptops.

It couldn’t be any simpler or easy-to-use and we are determined to provide you and your participants with the attractive, easy-to-use digital platform that you require!
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 Air Espana, interactivity at its best at Intermune Event

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