Grünenthal: interactive clinical cases

In April and May Grünenthal held a series of workshops in different cities inviting healthcare professionals. Following a case study and an invisible script, they had to answer questions that the speaker was bringing up.

For that purpose they chose an Event App, which meant the interaction with the attendees was boosted, but also a better flow in the workshops, as the speaker lead the conversation at all times. Questions sent from the attendees were moderated and answered on the fly.

After the meetings, feedback was received on what to improve for coming events. Q&A sessions is just one of the many features that can be included in an Event App.

Tailored to your needs it is useful before the event (in order to provide info about it, such as maps, speakers, documents), during the event itself (last minute changes in the agenda), and after (post meeting surveys, feedback, pictures). All that you may need to maximise the effectiveness of your events.

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