How to boost networking in your events

1.- How to boost your networking

Networking is in the core nature of Events, as delegates get to mingle and interact, they can enrich their pairs by sharing their experience even if they don’t work in the same field of activity.

Here you can find a few tips on how to get the most out of your event networking:

1.- Whenever possible, have a separate space for networking, so the attendees can chat in a more relaxed atmosphere while having a coffee, i.e. a separate room in the venue or business centre.

2.- Background music is great to create a chilled ambient, just make sure it does not bother the participants and allows the speaker to deliver the message clearly.

3.- Coffee and lunch breaks are usually great opportunities for networking, so make it easier by using a space where the attendees can move around easily such as a buffet.

4.- An App for the event can also enhance networking with features as a networking area, directories of both attendants and companies, speaker profiles, or private messaging.

5.- You can offer the assistants a tool kit with tips to maximize their use of the event App, including how to compile the contacts made in the event for future reference.

6.- Displaying social media walls where delegates can share their experience can lead to a better networking experience.


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