Interactive Workshops

 We develop CME workshops using tablets to discuss interactive clinical cases.

We create a bespoke application for each clinical case, with statistics and access to scientific documentation as well as real time voting.

On the day of the workshop, we build a local network and connect the tablets that will be used by the participants. The KOL or consultant guides the GPs to solve the clinical case.

These CME workshops create an added value to the daily clinical practice of the participants, and provide interesting information for the organisers who can then analyse the collected data.


  • Enhance participants’ interest and attention
  • The same message is spread in all workshops
  • Interactivity: the KOL gets live feedback from the audience
  • Post event data analysis

E-lixir Box Service (New)

 The new E-lixir Box service for interactive workshops consists in an integrated version of the clinical cases app into a server. The box is very easy to set up. You just need to switch on the box to automatically create a local network, and for the app to appear on the users’ tablets and smartphones, who just have to introduce a session code to begin participating in the workshop. Fast, simple and effective.

Using the box makes the organisation and programming of the workshops simple for the reps.


  • Easy set up
  • Better portability
  • Light infrastructure
  • Great flexibility in the organisation of the workshops
  • Economic