Keypad voting

Interaction with your audience is key. Allowing delegates to respond within your event will aid retention, by a staggering 45%.

9Yards’ voting system allows participants to provide immediate, accurate responses to questions, quizzes and surveys using their individual voting keypads.

Fully integrated into PowerPoint, the results are displayed instantaneously, in graphical format.

These responses can then be monitored and analysed on an individual handset basis.

It’s that easy, we can get you started in 10 minutes!

Need a turnkey service? Let us help you with our complete service, including graphic creation, integration and programming of your questions, as well as the on-site assistance of an operator during your meeting.
We take care of everything!
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How does it work?

Our service is complete, we will take care of everything, including:

  • Expert advice and support for making your event interactive.
  • Programming and testing of your questions.
  • Preparation and delivery of the voting keypads.
  • On-site installation and tests.
  • Management of the interactive presentation.
  • Exporting and saving the results.
  • Archiving the presentation and results.
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