Mobile event APP that builds a community

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A globally used App, for during and after the event. A digital tool for event participation for the event that attendees feel comfortable using right from the beginning. Create a community, improve the experience and collect feedback from users.

Click on the mobile screen and start navigating the App.

Attendees have direct access to all the event information. They can consult their personal agenda after having RSVP’d to an event, evaluate and provide feedback via the speaker rating and the interactive polling option, and connect with other attendees with the in APP private messaging function.

What can you use a native APP for?

  • Conferences & Congresses
  • Exhibitions
  • Internal communication
  • Sales network training
  • Workshops
  • Gamification & team building

More examples

  •  APP for Bankinter’s (Santander group) Board Meeting
  • APP for Roche National Workshop