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Client Case: Roche Sales Team Gamification

A new way of motivating your sales team

The challenge: motivate the sales team of the Lung Cancer Unit. An ambitious project: a game with
challenges and opportunity to advance in the competition to conquer the Roche Universe. 4 months of competition, a more united team and a goal to achieve.

Employees are divided into 4 people per team, delegates have to answer weekly questionnaires during a period of 4 months and overcome challenges to conquer and win over the Roche Universe.

A space to discuss challenges, send photos, generate healthy competition and, ultimately, teambuilding opportunities

Motivation increase with weekly update rankings

Adaptable to iPhone and iPad, with private sessions, an internal communication channel and 100% personalized custom design

Motivate, provide training, evaluate capabilities, generate cohesion … Gamification is the queen of the teambuilding! Launch the game during sales meetings and wait and see the results you get at your next meeting!

Before, during and after

Discover how to get the most out of gamification as a training tool thanks to our new online games...

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