Sandoz’s Cycle Meeting: a 360º Event

Last April we worked with Sandoz to design their Cycle Meeting, a challenging project in which we worked hard to deliver a 360º meeting, integrating the different parts of the event: Gamification – Team Building and Role Play – Event App

For this special occasion our client wanted to focus on the team work, and to get the most out of a rebranding release, we structured the meeting as follows:

  1. Gamification: 30 delegates split in 5 teams used their iPads to play Sure Pal, from Kundl to Madrid, answering questions about the product, the competitors, and the industry.
  2. Role Play: while the rest of the attendees stayed in the room reviewing the Q&A, the winners continued to the next phase of the session entering a Role Play competition in another room on “How to approach the doctors on pitching the new attributes of the medicine”. They had to perform a little play to be recorded for a couple of minutes.
  3. Interactive Voting and Strategy Session: all the videos were screened and the attendees voted for their favorites, and the top 3 were rewarded with an Ipad each.

For an event like this we can develop an App including, on top of the game and the voting, lecture materials and also a communication channel with your audience.

We made sure that every delegate took away home the key messages and they revised the best ways to pitch.

Goals reached!!


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