Interactive Voting 2.0

A new voting system for your events as never seen before!

Engage your audience in the most effective way

A new intuitive, comprehensive voting system that ensures the participation of all attendees. The speaker manages what attendees see on their tablets via a remote control. Presentations and questions are streamed on the tablets and when a question is shown, participants choose their response and vote directly on the tablet screen. The system works with a local network, meaning we do not rely on an internet connection. Our technical team takes care of everything, including set-up and installation.

Are you looking for a better way to include voting sessions in your events?

Discover the evolution of the voting keypads, an intuitive and complete system that enhances your attendees experience

We give the speaker the possibility of controlling their session and the participants the will to participate

Get in one place all of what’s needed for your session: Interactive Voting, dynamic presentations & Questions to the speaker. A global service that will change your approach of the meeting organisation.

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