On 27th April, the Daiichi cycle meeting in Valencia kicked off with a bang. E-lixir was involved to design the digital branding for the event with a universal motto: Joining Forces.

We created the main concepts for the occasion, the logos, the branding and also the interactive games used for the event App, ensuring the 4-day conference was a fun and dynamic experience helped by the use of technology.

One of the features of the web App was “Relevant information”, with details of restaurants, 24/7 pharmacies, nearby tube and tram stops, dress codes for different sessions, local weather  forecast etc. Everyone agreed this was a really useful tool with lots of crucial information gathered in one place to make the attendees’ lives easier before and during the conference, as they could also check the agenda beforehand. A Save the Date and practical digital guide for the event all in one!

In addition, interactive games and a live question session enhanced not only the interaction but also the ability to compile very useful feedback and marketing insight, increasing satisfaction of the reps and their engagement in the event.

An 100% digital event and a huge success!

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