What has been going on – one highlight of March 2015:

On the 3rd of March we were supporting an Event held by the NHS in cooperation with “Abpi” with our voting keypads. At the conference current issues in the healthcare system were discussed and the attendees were asked to give their opinion on different topics, as well as answering questions.

To make this as easy and entertaining for everyone as possible we provided the event with our keypad voting system http://events.e-lixir.co.uk/services/ and  http://www.9yardsassociates.co.uk

Every attendee was introduced to the keypad by voting their favorite “Academy Award”-nominated movie. Through this first informal question everyone had the possibility to try the keypad.

The attendees then continued to answer questions during the day and discussing the results, which were displayed in real time on the presentation screen together.

The feedback of both the host of the event as well as the attendees was amazing: everyone was convinced that the interactive keypads made the event more fun, increased the concentration and of course boosted the participation of the attendees!


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