14 and 15 November were the dates chosen by Grünenthal to celebrate their symposium Your Experience in NH Eurobuilding Hotel in Madrid, focused on the challenges and insights of pain relief area. 18 renowned consultants, a presenter known for his work on the television as a moderator, and 200 attendees. We provided each one of them a tablet device with an App E-lixir designed ad hoc for the occasion. The audience could check the biographies and CV of the speakers, the presentations, and the agenda for the day. 30% of the audience sent questions to the speakers, and they also could give their feedback about the conference using the post meeting survey we developed for them.

By using a local network we make sure that there are no problems with the Wi-Fi connection, we have access to the navigation data, and we can manage the use of the tablets by the attendees. We can also manage when the different presentations are available to be seen to help the flow of the meetings (and we have to say that there was a lot of expectation since we were asked many times for the release of the contents!).

Saatchi was the responsible for the design of the App, and then we replicated it according to the requirements for the event. This is a key element to offer our clients, flexibility regarding the design of the App to be adapted to the branding for the occasion. But we also can provide our consulting services for marketing purposes.

As we say, “tailor-made” services. No excuses not to have a digital event.

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