Interactive Workshops for Clinical Education are an excellent way of communication. Useful, informative and entertaining at the same time, they are the perfect way to offer an enjoyable experience for the attendees. Engagement and comprehension of the key messages increases up to 70% compared to non-interactive workshops.

Major pharmaceutical companies do include this tool in their marketing plans for both the launch of new medicines and the drugs reaching later stages of their lifecycle in need of a boost. For these companies we have designed and developed DigiMed educational workshops, where a few healthcare professionals and a Key Opinion Leader discuss a clinical scenario using an interactive tool in a tablet, synchronised in a local network.

Since we started 4 years ago, we have completed 220+ DigiMed lilly-videos-862x485-300x169sessions in Spain. Seeing the fantastic feedback from the attendees, we have extended the formula to other territories, and we’ve now done 250+ workshops in the UK, Ireland, and Portugal with the same model. A KOL acting as a tutor, and a reduced audience, each member geared with a tablet of their own for better interaction.

The projects are continuously evolving, incorporating more products and new advances in the clinical cases. The latest feature we have included is synchronised videos to help the tutor explain certain procedures related to the clinical cases.  



Other pharma companies have used DigiMed for clinical cases on Breast Cancer, Ovary Cancer, or Pulmonary Fibrosis. For this matter, we developed an App that the healthcare professionals can download on their phones. They solve the case together making it a collaborative and interactive meeting, encouraging and enhancing the quality of the debate

DigiMed meetings are a perfect tool to include in new product communication strategy, or to promote well established products in need of a boost. It helps delivering the message to the target audience, enhancing interaction and better understanding of the key take-away messages, in a relaxed atmosphere, resulting in an excellent learning experience for the healthcare professionals.