There are many different options to digitalise a conference and make it more appealing and engaging so the attendees can get the most out of it. Depending on the needs of the event organiser, they can use apps including features such as streaming the lectures to a remote location, or provide all the information needed for the conference so the audience can have access to it anywhere, anytime. Our services DigiMob, DigiTab and DigStream are perfect examples of the many choices available to make your event outstanding.


DigiMob was the solution choosen by Sanofi for its Satellite Symposium, a conference for 200+ attendees where the key was to offer all the information for the event on the audience’s own mobile device. We developed an App including the Agenda, Speaker’s biographies, and the Lectures to be addressed. It also included a feature to Send questions to the speakers, and access to Surveys.


Roche needed something similar for its AIR Spain Meeting, but also required tablets for every attendee. They could check any information whilst on the meeting, and send questions in real time to the speakers, without using their own handheld devices. Our solution DigiTab included not only the development of the bespoke App, but also a local Wi-Fi network on site, and full technical support. 250 attendees could follow the presentations in their tablets, ask questions to the consultants, and evaluate their experience.


On the other hand, Angelini organised a multi-location event in 13 different venues, with the 2 main events in Madrid and Barcelona. They needed to stream the conferences so anyone could follow them and participate from the 9 other locations. DigiStream is a Webapp that allows access to live stream and interaction regardless of the location, just using a smartphone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection.

All three scenarios were a great success for both organisers and attendees, all giving high ratings to their digital experience. They especially valued interactivity, easiness of use and access to all the information needed, and were fully engaged thanks to the use of technology, making it easier and seamless to follow.