Humans have extraordinary brains. There are more connections in an average human brain than there are atoms in the universe, which means that our biggest asset is the super-computer between our ears.

We process information using two very different but complementary processing styles, commonly referred to as the right brain and left brain. The left brain is characterized as logical, realistic and task focused. The right brain is known to be creative, emotional and intuitive.

The left and right sides work together in close partnership and as meeting planners, we depend on this fine balance of creativity and logic. Yet, for many people one mode of thinking often dominates.

How to combine both?

Some people are logical, practical, organized and methodical. They can’t help but see all the details and it’s difficult to settle on a plan until they know all the facts. These people are left-brain thinkers.

By contrast right brain thinkers are big picture thinkers, they enjoy the exploration and focus on the visual, emotional and social aspects of an event. They don’t need to know all the facts to make a decision.

The left side of the brain is key for any event organisation, where small details and precision are key. However, too much control can lead to tedious, dull events. The right side is not only the more creative half, but it is also key to face the day to day challenges in event planning. It is way more powerful when it comes to decision making in a hectic environment. Also when we need to motivate our team or the attendees to our event, we need to do so with the right side of the brain.

How to get the best of these 2 sides

The right side is not better than the left side. Undoubtedly, we need both sides to host successful events. Our business demands us to think with our left side to be systematic, analyse contracts and budgets; but we rely on our imaginative right side to deliver a unique experience, to engage with the audience and make decisions on the fly. We can´t take our eyes off the creative side.

To get the best performance it is very useful to organise time in slots of both creative and critical thinking. First stages of our event planning are full of creativity, and don’t focus on the details. We simply write down all the details to be addressed at a later stage.

We also distribute the tasks depending on the abilities of our team members, so we can get the most out of every person in the team and ensure every event is a triumph!

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