IACC (International Association of Conference Centres) recently published their Annual Study presenting the latest event trends drawn from feedback of their 355 members. Here is a summary of the key trends. Above all,  it is clear that technology is here to stay in the long term, and will expand its influence beyond the venue of an event:

  1. Technology is present in the day to day life of the attendees: Millennials are arriving at conference centres. Permanently on-line and connected to social media, they cannot be without a reliable Wi-Fi network in order to post, share and favourite the content and information they find most relevant.
  2. An App is a must for any event: forget bulky event guides and high printing costs. More than ever, event organizers must fully engage with their audiences and an easy-to-use app provides the perfect tool.  A unique and dedicated space in which to check the event program, interact with speakers and peers, ask questions, send feedback and share your experience on social media…
  3. If we want to boost connectivity, offer charging points for attendees’ devices.  Smartphones today have limited battery life, and constant use of social media and apps drain their battery fast. Many venues already offering charging stations and this is crucial to the successful use of event technology. The future? Wireless charging technology developed by Ikea which charges devices simply placed on a table is just the beginning…
  4. Geolocated meetings: if you don’t know Beacon technology you soon will – now geolocation is inside buildings. As well as its effectiveness during conferences (where Beacons can be used to guide you once inside a venue, offer content depending on your location and tools like contactless payment), Beacons also allow for streamlined registration processes and can be used as business cards, making effective  networking easier than ever before.
  5. Last but not least, don´t forget virtual attendees: all these technological advances allow us to offer much more than streaming broadcasts and speaker. Generating buzz, discussion and anticipation with those people not able to attend the event is key. Use technology to get people excited!

We are delighted with the evolution of the events industry, and will keep you updated with new and exciting possibilities for your own events!

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