A simple and effective tool to host your event online. Multiple rooms and live presentations via streaming. Maximum usability and immediate availability.

How does it work?

Our virtual event creation platform allows you to easily create online events, congresses and conferences from the start. It is very easy to use for both speakers and attendees


It works as a large virtual room, where the different sessions, panels, or presentations are hosted. Just like in a physical congress: a large venue with different rooms and a schedule. The attendees can go to the conference that interests them, click on the link … and listen to the conference via streaming.

Interactive Schedule

Attendees have a schedule with all the sessions of the event: the time, the speakers and a click. They click on the conference that most interests them and go directly to the virtual room. Simple and effective.

HD Streaming

The speakers broadcast live with high-quality resolution from any device: webcam, laptop, smartphone, etc. Perfect sound and image at all times.


Users can send their questions to the presenter directly. They can also vote among several questions to choose the most interesting one for the speaker to answer.

Live polls

The presenter can launch real-time polls to encourage participation and interactivity during their talk. Users vote and the results are shown live.


If you just need a simple virtual meeting, our webinar platform is for you

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